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Beautiful princess Jasmine gets a facial cumshot

princess Jasmine gets a facial

Beautiful princess Jasmine adores sucking cocks! She doesn’t care whom that cock will belong to. It just must be huge and rock solid. Fortunately, her lovely Aladdin has exactly that kind of a cock and Jasmine improves her cock sucking skills every day sucking his dick. It always tastes so good and Jasmine gets just an incredible pleasure when she gets Aladdin’s cum straight in her beautiful face finally. Of course, you won’t miss your chance to watch all free cartoons featuring Jasmine and other famous toon cocksuckers, right?

Aladdin’s Genie pleasing Jasmine all possible ways

Genie fucks Jasmine

When Aladdin goes somewhere out of the Castle he always asks his Genie to take care of his dear Jasmine and to fulfill all her desires. Sure, Genie always does it with pleasure. He gladly fulfills all Jasmine’s desires, even the dirtiest and naughtiest ones. When Jasmine gets horny Genie uses everything he has to satisfy all her hot holes simultaneously. Just check out as he fills her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time! It feels so incredible that Jasmine goes mad of that incredible hardcore fucking.
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